HASHCO SPORTS is one of the largest real estate companies in Meerut, and they are the power force behind the development of high-class luxury affordable gym equipment. To promote a healthy environment and provide fitness amenities to the residents of their project HASHCO SPORTS approached Fitness World to install a state-of-art gym in the residential area.

HASHCO SPORTS is a perfect blend of modernity, luxury, comfort, and affordability. What’s more, SAYA Group is headed by Vikas Basin, who has a very dynamic personality and is a fitness freak. Therefore, the gym and fitness equipment needed to be world-class, visually appealing, and have multiple features, so that the residents get the best workout experience.

Fitness World clearly understood the requirements of HASHCO SPORTS and what was needed to ensure the residents are inspired to work out regularly and stay fit. Fitness World also has a 25-year old track record in setting up 14000+comercilaly across India. Before zeroing down on the right equipment, the Fitness World team considered vital factors such as people’s safety, gym space utilization, gym flooring, and hi-tech mechanism for the right machines.

Based on these factors, a list of the equipment was prepared, and the overall budget for installation was planned and managed accordingly. The main focus of the Fitness World team was to ensure that quality should not be compromised as the people’s health and fitness were at stake here.

Once these factors were taken care of, various types of heavy-duty and top-of-the-line gym equipment were chosen and installed in the gym. Currently, the gym has a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced fitness machines like treadmills, stair climbers, exercise bikes. The gym features equipment from a reputed brand called Body-Solid, where each piece of equipment is made in INDIA. The list consists of strength equipment like lat pulldown, MULTI press, Pec dec, and Leg curl and extension machine. The gym also features the latest elliptical trainer, a well-equipped free weight area for bodybuilding, and a specialized individual room for yoga and group classes. Moreover, the gym also has various types of fitness accessories like a yoga mat, Bulgarian bags, and battle rope.

With the installation of this state-of-the-art gym, the residents of SAYA Gold Avenue can look forward to a powerful and effective workout experience that can deliver the best fitness results.

About Fitness World:

Fitness World – the adorable brainchild of a visionary – had humble origins in 1993 with the launch of a slimming machine. Over the years, the company’s range of world-class fitness equipment grew significantly.

Today, Fitness World is the preferred choice for fitness equipment in the home, corporate, institutional, and commercial segments. Fitness World is India’s Favourite Fitness Brand admired by millions of people across India.

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